Yoga Flow

Kate Wright works from a gravity-based practice with a back Ground of tight-wire, slackline Circus skills and performers flow, artist, and dancer, My classes have an element of freestyle to them as well as structure, working closely on you investigating what it is your body needs for you to do to help it make space within and relax.

I work with all body types. you do not have to like Yoga or be flexible want to make a difference in your lifestyle and health.

The first step is turning up and then you take your Journey starts from there,

The way we practice FLOW is to work at your own pace, the journey on your mat is yours to have, we will look at different breathing techniques that will help you in daily life, getting you to remember to remember to breathe thought out the day,

Class two 7-8 pm

For a deeper practice based on balance, 

7 pm Meditation and Breathwork practice,

7.15 pm Warm-up flow 

7.30 pm strength, mobility, and core Practice flow

7.45pm shivassna or Yoga Nedra Pratice 

10 places available 

£10 Drop in each week or 

Sidney Walter Center Sussex Road Worthing Bn111ds 

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