Alternative Needs and Elderly


11426758_10206335200834579_8428328587764611521_oWho said circus skills are just for kids? There is a growing call in the community for the elderly and alternative needs to have access to circus skills. Poi Passion hosts very popular workshops in care and nursing homes across Sussex and surrounding areas.

With fun, interactive movements and a show performed by the workshop leader (and the students if they won’t!), this is a great way to get the elderly moving, laughing, playing, and dancing with motivation and love. Wheelchairs aren’t a problem as there’s no standing needed!

  • Gentle Juggling – Throw and catch games with Juggling Balls and Scarves.
  • Plate Spinning – Spin and learn tricks with plates.
  • Gym Ribbon – Great to sit and make patterns with.
  • With an interactive show at the end of the workshop (with students)
  • Workshop length – 2 hours £225 Worthing and Sussex only.
  • We are dedicated to working within our client’s budget delivering a fun, exciting, exclusive, colorful, mixed-skilled workshop.
  • 90p per mile. Travel will be added. 

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