Medieval show

Viking-inspired Story and Fire Performance

21st of September, 6 pm till 9 pm

Poi Passion History of Vikings and Fire Show

Immerse yourself in a grand historical retelling of a Viking Story from ages past. Brimming with atmosphere, action, and emotion, this educational tale of the friendship, fighting, and forgiveness found in the age of Viking Clans ignites powerful feelings. It provides a spectacular display of fire and flames, dance and drama. See varied characters bring a Viking community to life, hear their voices, the clash of swords on shields, and feel the rush of emotions as the story unveils before your eyes. A bittersweet taste of the past brought to the present day will leave you thirsting for more.

Night’s program

5.45 pm Gate will Open.

6 pm The event starts.

6-7 pm: “Get your photos with the Viking team inside our bell tent. Donations are welcome.”

7.15-8 pm Show start

8-9 pm “Come and join the crew at the disco after the show.”

6-9 pm Food vendors open

“Have dinner around the campfire or enjoy a walk around Wild Heart Hill.”

9 pm “The event is now closed for the night.


At night, we will have a fantastic drum and heal performance by the drummers. Gav, AKA Sons of Anxiety, and Mick, AKA Oakbear, create a strong ambience.

Disco night

I enjoyed meeting Worthing D.J., The Artist, brother, and monk. Great trance tunes from UK bass radio played, and at the end of the show, you got to hang out and dance with the Viking and Fire dancers.

Meeting the Poi Passion crew

Meet the Vikings and take your photo with them at the bell tent for a small donation.

Face Painting Viking runes

Small £2.50

Big £5

The Wellderness CIC

We are pleased to announce that the Wellderness team has partnered with us to manage the car park and central area. As a part of their volunteer work, they will be responsible for providing first aid and maintaining fire safety. You can stop by their tent to learn more about their project.

Sponsored by Wildbox Adventure Vehicles

We are delighted to have Wildbox Adventure Vehicles on the night, providing solar-powered electrics for the stage.

Like them on Instagram ? and follow the link to their website.

Food and Drinks Vendors,

Roots Vegan Foods is reasonable, the best around, with such a delicious menu and choices,

all in a reasonable menu price range and the best chocolate around.

The venue

Wild Heart Hill

Long Furlong, Worthing, BN14 0RJ, England

Ticket and Parking

Family ticket two adults and three kids £60

Adults ticket £25

Kids ticket age 5-16 years £12,50

Don’t forget to book your Parking!

Due to the lack of Parking, we can only allow 30 cars on site.

Parking is £10 per car,

Money goes to the cricket ground for the use of their land.

And to the Wellderness cic to offset the carbon footprint for their charity tree planning,

Bus and walking info below


Don’t forget to book your Parking!