Yoga Tree-dra


Welcome to the Kate Wright Yoga Nedra
at Wild heart Hill Findon Charmill Cottage, Long Furlong BN14 0RJ
October 29th 2022
Kate from Poi Passion and Mark and Matt From the Wellderness cic will look forward to welcoming you to the 6th outside yoga Nedra.
We are encouraging car shares. You are all in this group, so you can contact each other to arrange lifts. If coming from worthing
There is lots of parking at Wild heart hill. If you have a camper and would like to book to stay, please get in touch with Josie
stay the night in fantastic surroundings,
The event is being held in a secret garden, and you will be pointed in the right direction by one of the Wellderness team,
there are toilets on site but a short walk down the hill,
As you will be lying down for the full hr.
Please remember to bring your cup, pillow, blanket, yoga mat, and warm cosy clothing. If it rains, it will be held on the gazebo. There will be hot drinks available throughout. Please bring light snacks and water.
I will have a spear few matt let me know if you need one,
You can arrive at 6 pm, and the opening circle starts at 6.30 pm with a welcome speech from Mark and Matt from the Wellderness.
After this, we will go into SILENCE for the rest of the evening program. This helps the group to stay focused and keep the energy grounded to give each individual the time and space we need to deepen our practice collectively together.
But, of course, if you need a drink or the toilet, you are free to go!
6.30-8.30 pm, Yoga nedra
We are all very much looking forward to welcoming you to the evening program. With love and thanks, Kate, Lee, Matt, and Mark. and Josie

Matt and Mark from, and will be opening the workshop with a short talk about the benefits of being in Nature, running the car park, and hosting the campfire and tea table, with direct information to and about the welldeness cic.

Kate Wright Poi Passion School of Poi and Fire Performance

I have spent years developing my passion for choreography, Dance, Acts with fire, Stilt performance, and Glow props, allowing me to become an established Performer, Teacher, workshop leader, choreographer, and Director.

I am well respected for my love, dedication, and for my methods of teaching and sharing knowledge in the arts of Poi Dance, Fire Performance, Flow, Circus Skills, Breath Works, Meditation, and Yoga.

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