Yoga Tree-dra

Nedra one Tree Nedra held by Kate Wright.

Working alongside Wellderness and Wild heart Hill,
We will invite you into the Meadow, surrounded by a tree,
and take you on a magical deep restorative journey. deep to the ground along Trees, This Nedra will end with a cacao Drink blessing
held by an open fire, and all the Special Gifts we give at the end of the Nedra, smells, love and flowers,
sunset to Sundown, go in the light, come out in the dark, understand the sounds of the forest and nature better than you ever did before,

Arrive by 6-45pm setup,

7 pm starts, Grounding and breathing, Yoga Nedra, Vilisasion, transparency Chakra clean, Tree Nedra, Earth Prayers Cacao Blessing Sit around the fire



May 10 Sundown 7 pm-9 pm, Sundown 8,36pm Tree Nedra

June 7 Tree Nedra Tree Nedra 7–9 pm Sundown 9–11 pm

August 2 Kate Wright and Debbie Fox, TBC

September 13, Tree Nedra 7–9 pm sundown 7.30 pm

October 11 Tree Nedra 7-9 pm Sundown 6 pm 8 pm Sundown 6 PM



Kate Wright leads Yoga, Nedra.
This Nedra space is held and Wild heart hill,

This a short, simple practice Held in the woods, a great way to Restore yourself. During the week,
Grounding Movements, breathing, Yoga Nada, Chill and home,

May 24 Yoga Nedra, 7–8.30 pm
July 5 Tree Nedra 7–9 pm Sundown 9.05 pm
July 19 Yoga Nedra 7–8.30 pm
September 27 Yoga Nedra 7–8.30 pm

Contact Kate Wright for any Bookings.07522658207

You will be added to a what app Group that acts as my register and sends a payment link. All info will follow on the booking
with love, Kate x