One to One

Kate Wright Offers a one-to-one class in  Worthing, West Sussex, in a booked room on request, and if the sun is out, then so are we.

With her gentle but firm teaching technique and approach, you will start to understand your body, mind, balance, coordination, and flow in no time.

Working with your breath to synchronize your movement, you will deepen your practice and awareness of yourself and how you carry your body in your daily life.

Kate has 0ver 20 years of experience in teaching the art of Poi and nine years of experience in teaching the skills of Hula-hoop and Tight-wire.

  Choose from any of these One to One Classes.

Be willing to work hard and make time to practice if you are going to further your knowledge in these arts!

Poi flow arts Learn the art of Poi dance. Be open to understanding your right/left brain and body communication and how you can synchronize your breath with your natural flow. Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Working mainly in the upper body and brain gym practice.

Hula Hoop This skill is fun, and you will get fit and burn calories!! Kate will give you a great insight into the art of hoop dance, working your body and mind to flow and understanding how the body can move whilst synchronizing with your breathing. Suitable for beginners and intermediates. Work the whole body; great for core strength and fitness!

Fire fans
In the beautiful art of fire fans, learn how to co, ordinate both arms to work together and dance with fans with and without fire; fan dance art is an attractive way to dazzle your crowds and a unique skill to learn for your practice. Unless you have fan skills, you will need to book 4 hrs of training without fire before you light them.

Tight-wire/Slack-line Working your balance and core strength, right and left brain. Learning and understanding of walking the wire of life. How balanced are you? How flexible are you to life’s demands?  Walk the wire and learn to be more balanced and have more awareness

Based on Person One-to-One Fees

1hr session £50 + room cost at £10 per hr

2hr session £90 + room cost at £10 per hr

4hr session  £180 room cost at £10 per hr