Intermedite Poi

Poi Passion School will shut down in July 2023. We will still offer groups and one-to-one, 
Thursday’s intermediate-advanced poi course
Poi Passion classes 

Have you got a passion for Poi? Are you obsessed with discovering the depths of the Poi combination flows and moves? Do you like to move your body and be free in dance a playful way

This course is for the dedicated Poi enthusiast who has a strong foundation and would like to deepen their practice in a fun environment with other fellow Poi, ers

Covering many different styles and techniques of Poi flows, moves, dance, and patterns at the end of each term, we explore partner Poi

with a more technical approach whilst keeping it light heated, this is a challenging, energetic class for the hardcore Poi, er

Have you got what it takes to work through frustrating challenges? If so, this course may be for you.

Thursday 7_8pm

Back Annex of the 

Sidney Walter Centre Sussex Road Worthing BN111DS 

£50 6-week Course  

All courses are non-refundable

you can buy Poi in our Poi shop

when you book, you will be added to a What’s app group and asked each week if you are in or not,

yes for in No for not

We do not need a reason

 will be sent a sum-up link for booking. When this is paid, you are booked,


Kate Wright 

Matt Dumbleton, 

Lee Sutton Intermediates teacher training

Shell Bell in  intermediate  and Advance Teacher training

Thursday Intermediate Poi flow 2023

Thursday Poi Dance 7-8 pm

Course  1 Jan 12-19-26 Feb 2-9-16

Course 2 Feb 23 March 2-9-16-23-30

Course 3  April 6-13-20-27 May 4-11-

  June 1-8-15-22-29 July 6-13-20- And fire Practice 

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