Kate Wright (Poi Passion) has been practicing meditation for the last 13 years. Kate is fascinated by how the breath works and collaborates with the body and her knowledge of this is included throughout all her workshops. Working and encouraging students to bring awareness to the breath and to how it communicates with your flow of movement throughout the art of Circus Skills.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the mental discipline in which you try to train the mind to reach a state of consciousness for many beneficial reasons. It’s an ancient technique used in many medical, physical, and emotional ways, bringing a better understanding of how the mind works. Through meditation practice, you learn to discipline the mind and help become a calmer and more positive person. “If every child in the world would be taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” ~ The Dalai Lama11802526_10206569223044988_6022076788037928374_o

Why do we meditate?

As the circus environment is extremely busy and all Circus Skills require a high level of focus, concentration, and discipline. We believe that meditation practice helps to focus our students and creates calmness within the madness! It teaches the children to access breathing and meditation techniques at any time of the day. We know from experience that meditation helps re-energize the environment and also grounds the students and teachers and develops teamwork within the classes.

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