Make your wedding day a bigger one to remember with Something Different and new for your entire Guestlist to Enjoy

Whether you are a Festive Wedding or a more Traditional wedding Poi passion Will add an Element of Fun and Colour to your big day and what a great super for your Guest.

We can offer Stilts walkabout characters to mix and Mingle Stilts Walkers and Ground Act

Circus skilled workshop with one of are Lively Workshop leaders add Balloons modeling to the day for gifts for the kids

Festival and Fun Day

Poi passion Nighttime Spectacular fire show be Amazed by the skills of the Multi-skilled fire Performer and add the Element of fire to the

day Fire Acts

Poi passion Glow glow show  Bright and Creative with the Performers set LED costume Glow Acts

For the Run up to the wedding why not have a circus skills workshop Hen Party

Poi passion will make you a package so please contact with wedding request and Budget

Based on U.K                                          

Travel will be added at 60p/mile.

For more information or communication

Call for more info kate 0752 2658207