Slack line- Tightwire Workshop

Improve your balance + focus and find your center while learning to walk the tight Wire and slackline

2020 TBC 

  • @ Saltwater Studios Worthing
  • For 18+ years
  • Only 8 places so please book
  • Just £30 for two hrs on two rigs 

We have one Tightwire rigs and one indoor Slackline rig.

We will also put a few ground circus skills down like poi, hoop, and juggling, so you get to have a play and see if you like these skills too.

The key to balancing on a tightrope is to lower the body’s center of gravity toward the wire. Just as it’s harder to topple a stout vase than a tall slim one, a human is less likely to fall if the bulk of their mass is closer to the ground—or, in this case, the wire.

The body has two systems to knows where it is. The vestibular function and proprioception. The vestibular function tells us where our body is in space (whether we are upside down or not) and is controlled by the fluid in our ear canals. Proprioception tells us where our body is in relation to the rest of it (how we can touch our nose with our eyes closed)

Both of these are important to perform circus skills. The vestibular function is more important for skills which involve somersaulting and twisting, but Proprioception is of great importance on the tightwire and slackline

Healthcare professionals and physical therapists could use tightrope walking to detect muscular problems and as exercises to build strength and balance.

We do hope that you will be with us and hope that we can host more of these workshops throughout the year! This is Kate’s area of expertise and we would love to share this with you.

For Booking and more info please contact