Saturday workshops

Saturday workshop for Poi,ers who want to deepen there Practice

Kate Wright, Professional Poi Instructor and Performer. Kate has 19 years’ experience in the art of performing and teaching the magical art of poi dance and flow. For Kate, poi has a much deeper level of understanding. Poi is not just utilizing both sides of your brain and body and making it work. It is teaching the art of understanding the mind and how we can block ourselves with negative habits and patterns.

This class will teach you the art of breath work, meditation and over all well-being. Not only do we work with the poi, we also teach the body to flow, dance and the art of physical expression. Poi can be tricky at first, knowing where to put your hands. This course will guide you through intermediate and advance poi and flow dance. You must have some poi practice to join this class.

Poi is a dedicated journey that takes time and a massive amount of self-patience to develop our own understanding of this art and skill. These classes are for light minded people, who have a desire to change the way they think and feel about life and to discover the natural flow that lives within us. With the foundations of poi being taught and then developing the skill to get you on a Journey. Part of the course requirement is that you practice, so your muscles remember the moves you learn and so can advance further in the art.

With one teacher Kate Wright
Saturday 7th April 2018 1.30pm 3.30pm
2hr Poi Workshop £20
Sidney Walter Center Sussex Road Worthing Bn111ds

Poi Workshop

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