Intermedite Poi

Thursday’s intermediate-advanced poi course
Poi Passion classes are held in Person and On zoom 
Have you got the passion for poi are you obsessed with discovering the depths of the poi combination flows and moves do you like to move your body and be free in dance and playful way
This course is for the dedicated poi enthusiast who has a strong foundation and would like to deepen their practice in a fun environment with other fellow poi, ers
Covering many different styles and techniques of poi flows, moves dance, patterns at the end of each term we explore partner poi
with a more technical approach whilst keeping it light heated this is a hard energetic class for the hardcore poi, er

Have you got what it takes to work through frustrating challenges if so this course may just be for you?
Main hall
Sidney Walter centre Sussex Road Worthing BN111DS 
£50  6 week Course  8  PLACE ONLY MUST BOOK 
£8 drop in fee on ZOOM UNLIMITED
Kate@poipassion.comKate Wright 20 years playing and teaching Poi founders of Poi passion
Matt Dumbleton AKA Amarqu UK 8 years teaching and playing poi
2020 Dates 

September 9th 16th 24th October 1st 8th 15th

October 22nd 29th November 12th 19th 26th December 4th

COVID 19 information

The student must have there own Poi or buy form our shop 

Only 8 students in the room at one time practicing Physical distance, no hugging or contact 

Mask must be worn coming in and out the Building hands to be cleaned on the way in and out.

Students must clean down there area at the end of class.

If you have any signs of sickness please do not come to class. 

Please bring your drinks 

Toilets are open and used at your won Discretion

Kate Wright is not liable for students getting sick from the Virus we all enter the class at our own risk