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Mind and Body  YOGA Workshop 

This workshop if good for People with corporate  Stress full jobs and will help you get back to health in your Work and home life this holds 10 places and can be booked in the day time all so great workshop for well being a week. In 2016 Kate Wright qualified as a  Yoga Instructor in India


Kate has been practicing meditation for 11 years and has been teaching meditation and breathwork to children and adults for the last  5 years and has always loved working with the breath. With 20 years of Poi practice and 15 years as a circus instructor and Performer Kate has a strong in-site to helping people get back to health and to understand there Mind and body more. Kate has a passion for working with the flow we will look at flowing the Breathe with body movements. We will look at ways to combine the Breath with the flow and how we can take this out into the world with us on a daily Basses. We will walk, Sit move, use are Voice to Express blocked channels practicing Different breaths you can take home or back to work with you as well as practice yoga moves and flows alongside balanceKate takes a  slow and kind Discipline approach with the students and has awareness in her approach to teaching Yoga. She gives students time to understand and learn the move by breaking it down and having students stay in the move to get deeper into their body and breath in a quiet, safe environment.


COVID 19 information

The student must have there own yoga mat Blocks straps etc

Only 6 students in the room at one time practicing Physical distance, no hugging or contact 

Mask must be worn coming in and out the Building hands to be cleaned on the way in and out.

Students must clean down there mat and the floor around them at the end of class.

If you have any signs of sickness please do not come to class. 

No shoes in the studio 

Please bring your drinks 

Toilets are open and used at your won Discretion

Kate Wright is not liable for students getting sick from the Virus we all enter the class at our own risk

Workshop cost on 10 People more can be added for an ex cost 

1 hr workshop £75

2 hr workshop £150

Venue in Worthing £15 per hr 

For More information or communication contact